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I expected dating after divorce to be weird.
But nothing like this.

I was a workaholic executive—until I almost died.

It took a near-death experience to get my priorities straight, and I knew big changes had to be made.

Priority #1 was spending more time with my kids and mother, so I quit my job and bought a beach house on Cape Cod.

With the sun on my face and my toes in the sand, I met one of the beach rangers, who turned out to be the hot single dad next door.

Dylan helped me move some furniture, and I offered him dinner to thank him for his trouble—not knowing it would end with dessert.

My goal in moving out here was to spend time with family, not to have a wild summer fling at forty-two.

But thoughts of Dylan won’t leave my mind.

My kids swear strange things are happening on this beach, and I chalk it up to their vivid imaginations—

Until it becomes a reality before my very eyes.

No one on this stretch of beach is human.

They’re all bear-people.

And the man I’ve come to love?

He’s their leader.

I thought my midlife crisis was over, but baby, it’s just getting started.

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the fated over forty series

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