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Wolf’s Midlife Baby

Falling for a wolf on a business trip was the last thing I expected—
Other than getting pregnant at 43.

I flew to Eugene for a dreaded team-building event,
Kicking off with a tubing trip down the Willamette.
Wearing a swimsuit in front of my coworkers was bad enough,
But it turned into a disaster when I nearly drowned.
A hunky firefighter dove in and saved me,
But I didn’t need mouth-to-mouth to know Pierce was my mate.
He asked to show me around town,
Taking me to a shifter rock club run by his wolf pack—
Before showing me his bed later that night.
I’m only in town for a week,
And as a she-bear from Massachusetts and a wolf from Oregon,
We couldn’t be further apart.
It’s a complicated mess, but it doesn’t end there.
Turns out someone from work caught on to our shifter secret
And he’ll stop at nothing to make us the story of the century.
Pierce and his pack step in to help me,
But Pierce doesn’t know I’ve got a secret of my own—
His baby growing in my belly.

Steamy shifter love scenes and an HEA inside! No cheating or cliffhanger in this standalone romance. Readers 18+.

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Firefighter Midlife Wolf

A midlife career switch just ignited a new chapter—
With a single dad wolf as hot as the flames he fights.

After my divorce, working in the same ER as my arrogant ex was off the table, so I decided to try visiting nursing instead.

When I accidentally set off the smoke alarm at a patient’s home and the fire department showed up, my first day was proving to be a hot mess—

But not as hot as the firefighter at the door.

My inner wolf didn’t want Hayden to leave, not knowing I’d soon meet him again—in his own home.

I was assigned to care for his teen son after a car accident, and as a single dad, he needed all the help he could get.

The spark between our wolves blazed into an inferno, but as his son’s nurse and a newly single mom, it seemed the timing was all wrong for us.

When another patient’s situation becomes dire, Hayden and I are forced right into the middle of danger, soon learning her family isn’t what it seems.

Last time I checked, fighting otherworldly beings wasn’t in my job description.

Hayden wants to protect me at all costs, but will our wolves have a fighting chance?

Steamy shifter love scenes and an HEA inside! No cheating or cliffhanger in this standalone romance. Readers 18+.

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Vigilante Midlife Wolf

As a 47-year-old veterinarian, I thought I’d seen it all when it came to animals.
Until an injured wolf shifted into my high school sweetheart.

An ordinary hike became a rescue mission
When a wolf lay in my path, barely clinging to life.
I rushed him to my clinic and hoped for a miracle,
But I hadn’t meant it literally.
The wolf transformed into a man,
But not just any man—
Bennett Westbrook, my high school ex,
Now standing before me with a world of secrets.
I wondered if I'd gone mad,
But madness turned into reality
As Bennett revealed the world of shifters—
A world he's always been a part of.
Turns out he’s not just a wolf,
But a vigilante with a vendetta to settle.
And now that his enemies followed me to the clinic,
Bennett’s not the only one with a target on his back.
The danger lurking in the shadows brings us closer,
And I find myself rediscovering the boy I once loved,
Now a man with strength and mystery drawing me in all over again.
This wasn't how I pictured finding love at 47,
But Bennett’s more than just an old flame.
He’s my second chance at love, adventure, and a life I never imagined—
If only we can survive.

Steamy shifter love scenes and an HEA inside! No cheating or cliffhanger in this standalone romance. Readers 18+.

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Wild Frontier Shifters: The Complete Series Collection

Unleash your wild side with the rugged shifters of the Wild Frontier Shifters series, now available as a complete 8-book collection!

Sexy, protective bears and wolves risk it all for their strong, sassy mates in this unputdownable box set. A must-read for fans of steamy small-town shifter romance filled with swoon-worthy cowboys, fated mates, heart-pounding action, shocking twists, and guaranteed happily ever afters. Dive into this series for an unforgettable romantic adventure!

Book 1: Her Rancher Bear
The gorgeous, steely-eyed rancher who runs the Crawford Ranch is gruff, mysterious, and has zero people skills. So why does he light every cell of Harper’s body on fire? The whole point of coming out West was to forget about her man, not fall for a new one. Especially one that can secretly change into a bear.

Book 2: Her Cowboy Bear
When a cocky cowboy asks if Aspen will pretend to be his mate, she’s all in. She’s not looking for a rebound from her evil ex, only a cover. Even if that slow smile of his has her bear doing cartwheels.

Book 3: Her Rodeo Bear
Now that his old flame Sierra's back in town to compete against him at the rodeo, the jackpot isn't the only prize Wade’s competing for.

Book 4: Her Sheriff Bear
Cassidy and her son have been on the run from their wolf pack for too long, so the chance to move in with a grizzly bear sheriff and take cover for a while was too good to pass up. Their arrangement was meant to be temporary, but the moment her eyes met Levi’s, her inner wolf knew he’d be hers forever—as long as she can keep her little secret.

Book 5: Her Deputy Wolf
Cash’s days on patrol are full of surprises, but the only one that stopped him in his tracks was Shiloh: the sassy new waitress down at the diner—and the first dragon he’d ever seen with his own two eyes.

Book 6: Her Rancher Wolf
When it comes time to hire a new ranch hand, Colton never thought this sassy human cowgirl would spell so much trouble. Willa can wrangle cattle with the best of them. But she also managed to wrangle Colton’s inner wolf.

Book 7: Her Wrangler Wolf
Just when Bryce’s life felt stable, his whole world flipped upside down. He’d been working on the ranch and finally joined a pack, but then country superstar Dakota Jones, his one true mate, rolls back into town—with the son he never knew he had.

Book 8: Her Christmas Wolf
Shaw’s routine of running his bar and pack is upended when Jissika, a polar bear shifter looking for a fresh start, walks into his world, offering them both a shot at an unforgettable Christmas romance—if they can let go of the past.

What readers have said about this series:
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ “Meg Ripley has done it again! This series is unique in the shifter genre and a home run all around.”

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ “This is one of the best series so far. It is full of some amazing twists and turns that will keep you reading.”

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ “I’ve loved this whole series; the warmth of the townspeople and their individual stories are woven together beautifully and in such a way that I felt myself becoming a part of their lives and town.”

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ “This series of books is amazingly amazing. Love all of them!!! Read and you will get lost in these books.”

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ “An excellent series, mainly bears and wolves, but a couple of really different shifters thrown in, too. If you enjoy shifter books, can't go wrong with Meg Ripley, and these books are excellent. Enjoyed every one of them.”

WARNING! Readers 18+ only. Steamy shifter love scenes inside! Each story in this collection is a standalone with a guaranteed happily ever after. No cheating or cliffhangers. This series collection is also available in paperback, split into volumes 1 and 2.

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Feral Midlife Wolf

At 45, I finally found my fated mate.
Too bad he’s a feral wolf.

After years of being alone on New Year’s Eve,
I finally had someone to kiss.
My new BF took me to a party at a packhouse in the Cascades,
Right before the biggest snowstorm hit in decades.
Being snowed in up in the mountains sounded romantic—
Until I caught him with another woman at midnight.
In a blizzard of my own fury,
I grabbed the keys to his sports car and took off.
But my wintery escape only got me so far,
Because I slid off the road, crashed, and blacked out.
I came to in a rugged stranger’s cabin,
But it turns out he’s not such a stranger to my wolf.
I was rescued by my fated mate,
And with all this snow, I can’t leave anytime soon.
Looks like fate finally decided to give me a break—
Until I learn Carter’s more than just a hot mountain man.
And if I don’t get out of here soon,
His feral wolf might make sure I never do.

Steamy shifter love scenes and an HEA inside! No cheating between the hero and heroine or cliffhanger in this standalone romance. Readers 18+.

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Wolf’s Midlife Christmas

At 48, running a café while wrangling twin wolf toddlers was hard enough.
Then fate decided to mate me with a rock star, just in time for Christmas.
Welcome to my midlife crisis, holiday edition.

Here I am, guardian of my twin grandpups and café owner,
Thinking my biggest dilemma was choosing my next muffin flavor.
But fate had a Christmas twist up its sleeve.
Enter Declan Ridgefield, 45-year-old frontman of the band Wildwood,
And every woman’s fantasy come to life.
Never in a million years did I think I’d meet him,
But my friends dragged me along to a concert—
And managed to convince me to crowdsurf after a few drinks.
For a moment, I was flying—
Until I was falling, right there for everyone to see.
I wanted to crawl under a rock,
But Declan pulled me up on stage,
And the moment we touched,
My wolf knew she’d finally found The One.
But a rock star?
Declan's life is sold-out shows and screaming fans.
Mine’s sold-out avocado toast and screaming kids.
Then there's his ex-bandmate with revenge on his mind,
Threatening to turn our Christmas dreams into a holiday nightmare.
Declan and I are an unlikely duet,
But maybe, just maybe, we'll find our harmony amid the chaos.

Steamy shifter love scenes and an HEA inside! No cheating or cliffhanger in this standalone romance. Readers 18+.

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Mates Under the Mistletoe: A Shifter Nation Christmas Collection

Book Cover: Mates Under the Mistletoe: A Shifter Nation Christmas Collection

Spice up your holidays and cozy up by the fire with five steamy Christmas shifter romances!

Mates Under the Mistletoe is a collection of five festive romances from Meg Ripley’s Shifter Nation universe, guaranteed to warm your heart with the magic of the season:

Snowed In with the Soldier Bear
After Vanessa's moose hunt goes awry, she's saved by Quinton, a widowed polar bear shifter. When a blizzard traps them in his cabin in the Alaskan wilderness, they’re given a chance at new beginnings, just in time for Christmas.

Christmas with the Soldier Dragon
Garrison, a dragon shifter used to flying solo, thought he’d be spending the holidays alone—until he finds his match in Maren while on a mission at Lake Tahoe, kindling a fiery alliance as they face a storm of threats.

Santa Soldier Bear
Dressed as Santa at a holiday party, a polar bear shifter encounters his snow leopard mate, only to face a dilemma when a shifter baby left at the Special Ops Shifters’ doorstep tests their hopes for the future.

Her Christmas Wolf
An Alpha wolf’s routine of running his bar and pack is upended when Jissika, a polar bear shifter looking for a fresh start, walks into his world, offering them both a shot at an unforgettable Christmas romance—if they can let go of the past.

Bear’s Midlife Christmas
A lonely divorcee's Christmas takes a wild turn when her high school sweetheart, who mysteriously disappeared years ago, returns with a secret: he's a bear shifter, entangling her in a dangerous conflict with a vengeful wolf from his past.

Steamy shifter love scenes and holiday happily-ever-afters inside! No cheating or cliffhangers in these standalone stories. Readers 18+.

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Wolf’s Midlife Runaway Bride

As if being a 40-year-old runaway bride wasn’t bad enough,
I had to shift at the altar and become a runaway wolf.

My human fiancé may not be my fated mate,
But we share a child, so I thought I could make it work.
I never understood how a wealthy real estate mogul
Could be interested in a meager seamstress like me anyway,
But he was persistent on making me his bride.
Fast forward to today, I’m walking down the aisle.
I think I'm having wedding day jitters—
Until my wolf spots a security guard among the guests,
And immediately knows he’s mine.
When the officiant asks if anyone objects to our union,
My wolf refuses to go along with this charade any longer,
And I shift, right there at the altar, for everyone to see.
So much for keeping the shifter secret under wraps.
In a panic, I grab my little girl and head for the woods,
With the security guard right on my tail.
When his wolf tells me to take cover in his pack’s cabin,
I feel our unmistakable bond even more.
But he works for my fiancé, so can I trust this stranger?
After the stunt I just pulled, I don’t have a choice—
Especially when I discover my fiancé’s been hiding a secret of his own.

Steamy shifter love scenes and an HEA inside! No cheating or cliffhanger in this standalone romance. Readers 18+.

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Turned by the Midlife Wolf

At 46, I went back to college to learn about mythical creatures.
I never thought my hot professor would turn me into one.

After giving my life to raising my daughters,
It was time for me to live out my dream
And go back to school to get my degree.
Meeting a cute guy my age in the coffee shop,
I thought my first day was off to a great start.
Until I got to class and realized Sean was my professor.
My daughter says he’s the campus crush,
But just like the creatures in his folklore lectures,
His private life is shrouded in mystery—
Which only made me want to find out more.
I signed up for an extra credit field trip,
Looking for Bigfoot in the woods.
But when my car broke down and he drove me home,
The professor gave me an education I’ll never forget.
I’m his student, so we’re forbidden to be together,
But that’s just the beginning of my troubles.
During another outing, I’m shot by a hunter,
And as I lay dying in the forest,
Sean offers me a second chance at life.
He changes into a wolf right before my eyes,
And as he bites me, I return from the brink of death—
As a wolf, just like him.

Steamy shifter love scenes and an HEA inside! No cheating or cliffhanger in this standalone romance. Readers 18+.

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Wolf’s Midlife Nanny

I’m starting over at 43 and found the perfect nannying job.
Too bad my hot new boss is my fated mate.

When my mate of twenty years started growing distant,
My best friend offered to give him advice.
Little did I know she’d end up pregnant with his baby.
I left Portland and my daycare job behind,
Ready to start anew in my friend’s pack down in Eugene.
The Glenwood pack gave me a warm welcome—
Especially Kane, once my wolf caught sight of him.
The ruggedly handsome cop stood in the doorway,
A single dad holding a tiny newborn in a baby carrier.
A woman had dropped the shifter baby off at the precinct,
Making him a father in an instant.
With a schedule like his, he needed a nanny,
And I was new in town and needed a job.
It was the perfect arrangement—
Until I woke up in his arms.
But that’s not the only danger on Glenwood territory.
My little dream job ends up becoming a nightmare.
I’m thrown in the middle of a war between packs,
But my only combat experience is with screaming kids.
It’s time to put on my big girl pants and jump in.
This precious baby and my only chance at fated love are on the line.

Steamy shifter love scenes and an HEA inside! No cheating or cliffhanger in this standalone romance. Readers 18+.