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Alex’s Mate

My nights are filled with reckless abandon with my crew of badass biker bitches.
My days are spent wearing a Ranger uniform in Big Bend.
And now, working alongside the world’s geekiest bear, Alex.

Our clans paired us up on an assignment, and we couldn’t be more different.
So why does my inner wolf practically go into heat whenever he’s near?
He may be a nerd, but his broad shoulders and muscular frame fill out his uniform in all the right places.

Seriously, fate? Whatever stunt you’re trying to pull, you’re not gonna win this battle.
After my cheating bastard of an ex took off with my so-called best friend, I’m freaking done with men.
All I need are my bitches, my bike and the open road.

But one night, when sh*t starts to get real with my crew and they suspect I’m a shifter, I realize I might need Alex more than I think.

Steamy shifter scenes inside! Readers 18+.