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Bearer of Secrets

Book Cover: Bearer of Secrets

I woke up from a terrible dream only to realize that it was real -- my friend Dean, this impossibly hot shifter cowboy, is the only man I know who can understand what I'm going through. He's the only person I know who will help me escape this nightmare. I need him now more than I would have ever imagined.


Being the daughter of a bullfighter and a former rodeo queen, I’ve seen thousands of cowboys come and go, but I’ve never laid eyes on any man as expertly skilled--or as sexy--as Dean Longstrider.

Little did I know that over the summer, I’d discover an unexpected and dangerous side of myself--and Dean is the only person I know that I can turn to for help.


Being in this business sure comes with its perks. I have more offers from ladies than I know what to do with, but thing is, none of that matters to me--I have my eye on one woman and one woman alone: Marisol. She’s a great girl, and God, when I think about what I could do with those’s enough to drive a man--or bear--buck wild.

When Marisol told me she was in trouble this summer, I swore to do whatever it would take to keep her safe, to protect what’s mine, even if it costs me the championship--or more...

WARNING! HOT love scenes with sexy shifters inside! Readers 18+.