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Beverly Hills Dragons: The Complete Collection

Book Cover: Beverly Hills Dragons: The Complete Collection
Part of the Beverly Hills Dragons series:

In the decade of excess, four of Hollywood’s most elite dragons have everything their hearts could desire—except their mates.

Killer job as the most sought-after record label executive in L.A.? Check.
Adorable young daughter and a sprawling mansion in Beverly Hills? Check.
A cheating dragoness ex-wife who’s fighting tooth and talon to take everything I own and suck the marrow from my bones just for fun? Check.

Now that I’m divorced, I need help caring for little Stephanie.
But when I took a chance on hiring a nanny, I wasn’t prepared for the passion she’d ignite in my cold, reptilian soul.
Can I keep our relationship strictly professional, or does fate have something greater planned for the two of us?

Read Meg Ripley’s Bestselling Beverly Hills Dragons Series In One Compilation, Including The Following Four Captivating Stories:

Damien's Nanny: Brianna never expects to fall in love with the sweet little dragon she’s in charge of—and she definitely doesn’t expect to fall for her new boss.

Jackson's Nanny: When a rival dragon endangers his sassy new nanny, will Jackson put everything on the line to prove Cathy is far more to him than just the hired help?

Blane's Nanny: When a baby dragon is left on the doorstep of Hollywood's hottest actor, will she be the catalyst that unites this shifter with his mate?

Cameron's Nanny: This widower dragon vows to never love again. But when fate draws a nanny—who's a medium—into his life, will she give him the answers he needs to set his guarded heart free?

Steamy shifter scenes inside! Readers 18+.