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Daddy Dragon Guardians: The Complete Series Collection Box Set

Book Cover: Daddy Dragon Guardians: The Complete Series Collection Box Set
Part of the Daddy Dragon Guardians series:

Four lost dragon shifters. Four royal baby dragons. Four chances at love.

We sought refuge on Planet Earth with the eggs of our slain queen after the War.

Suddenly, all four of us dragon shifters are fathers—and we don’t know the first thing about raising children.

Fate should guide us to our mates.

But will we find them in this strange new world?

Read the bestselling Daddy Dragon Guardians series in one fantastical compilation, brimming with sizzling passion, suspense, and sassy supernatural mates, featuring:

Holden’s Mate
Humans prove to be odd creatures, but one blue-eyed psychic compels me in ways I’ve never experienced.

I can barely keep my inner dragon in check when she’s near.

The fierce need to protect her completely takes over, and I know I must have her.

But will my unfathomable secret keep us apart?

Xander’s Mate
I need a mate to help me raise my charge: a baby dragon princess.

And I know Summer is most definitely that woman.

My dragon claws at my will when I’m around her, threatening to tear it to shreds.

My urge to be with this witch is uncontrollable, but the harder I try to be with her, the more she pulls away.

If we’re truly destined to be together, can we learn to overcome our differences?

Beau’s Mate
I know it’s best for little Elliot, but I’m not sure I’m ready to find a mate.

Especially a human one.

Until I meet a sexy redhead who’s just as stubborn as I am.

With this sassy witch and my hard-headed dragon, it all comes down to a battle of will.

Julian’s Mate
After spending so much time with her back on Charok, I know my mate is nowhere on Earth.

But when I come face to face with her again, it’s like a dream come true.

Until we find out a powerful demon has slipped into the living realm on Earth along with her.

When we discover exactly what this evil being is capable of, will our fated souls be pulled apart once and for all?

WARNING! Steamy shifter scenes inside! Readers 18+ only.