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Her Deputy Wolf

After a career-ending accident at the rodeo, it was time to shift gears.
Now I’m serving as a sheriff’s deputy to the kind folks of Sheridan.
My days on patrol are full of surprises,
But the only one that stopped me in my tracks was Shiloh:
A sassy new waitress down at the diner—
And the first dragon I’d ever seen with my own two eyes.
My wolf knows this beautiful creature belongs to him,
Yet sometimes it seems her dragon wants to fly solo.
But when danger begins to creep into her life, she’ll never be alone.
For I’ll always be there to protect my mate.

All my life, I’d lived in a cabin up in the Big Horns with my aunt, who raised me like her own.
Eventually, our roles shifted and I became a caregiver for her.
Now that she’s passed on, it’s time to explore my newfound independence.
But meeting a man and diving into a relationship wasn’t part of my plan.
No matter how enchanted my dragon is by the handsome Cash Taylor.
I have too many secrets, some of which I’m still learning about.
But my fiery night with Cash created yet another one.
And it won’t be a secret for long.

Steamy shifter love scenes and an HEA inside! No cheating or cliffhanger in this standalone romance. Readers 18+.