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Her Dragon Protector’s Baby

A Griffin Shifter Princess.
A Dragon Shifter Guard.
They were never meant to have a baby.
But fate had other plans.


The Shifter world was in a bad place, with Darkness steadily pushing in, but I didn't fear the Dark Shifters in the least. With my fated dragon mate by my side, we could defeat anyone. But the love we shared was a love that held secrets I may have realized too late.

The future of the Shifter species hinges on the birth of the Golden Child, a child created between a Griffin and a Dragon. No child of two species had ever been born, and if it were, the Dark Shifters were poised to rip it from my arms.

The Dark Shifters are gathering, planning, watching. As the evil flows across the land, the child grows within me. Will she be born to rule the land with light and good? Or will the faceless man steal her from my breast and end the Shifter world as we know it?

Steamy shifter scenes inside! Readers 18+.