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Her Earth Mates

Can a royal Grizzly Shifter and her three fated mates destroy the evil threatening the fate of all shifters?


Taking over as a High Alpha after my mother passed has been overwhelming. But you can’t escape what’s written in the stars.

As luck and a little magic from beyond might have it, I have three fated mates waiting for me. Their protection goes beyond the exterior, a connection forged in centuries of prophecy and a deep yearning that leads me beyond intuition or education.

But with the good always comes the bad. There are enemy Shifters who will stop at nothing to block my succession. As I stand staring out at my future, the fog begins to settle in, and I wonder whether my mates are for life, or if I was truly cursed from the start.

Her Three Fated Mates

When we were just children, it was prophesized that we would be protectors of one of the High Alphas. We'd be charged to keep her spirit, body, and mind safe as she took the reins of the Shifter world, and we’ve been preparing all our lives for this moment.

The three of us will have to join forces to help her navigate the incredibly dangerous path to the throne, but no matter what lies ahead, we’ll stop at nothing to protect her.

This is a fast burn standalone reverse harem shifter romance. Readers 18+.