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Her Fire Mates

I walked those trails every day listening to the Enchanted Whispers, hearing the breath of the world across the swaying canopy of the trees. I loved my life, but unfortunately, I didn’t see the big changes on the horizon. Suddenly, my mother, Queen Omera was dead, and I was left with grief, responsibility, and a clue to my happily ever after.

With my sister Iris in the thick of it, Althea back at the castle, and Indra off flipping her tail through some sort of blue Caribbean waters, I was forced to go it alone. I was told to not look too far, but how far was too far? My island kind of sat in the middle of the ocean.

After a trip to the Fields of the Dragons, everything began to clear and my mind was focused on the danger that I had been facing and didn’t even know it. The Keepers, the Guide of the Souls, the Thieves of the Afterlife, were creeping from the shadows decades after their initial capture, and their leader was a very dangerous being. On top of all of that? I had to find my mates. Fortunately for me, I didn’t have to go far.

Finn, Zevi, and Ash had never been more than an island away, taking care of me, watching my mind, my body, and my soul, even if I had no idea they were there. Needing them was an understatement. With the Keepers returning, the list of souls multiplying, and the pesky Giant breathing down my neck, I was beginning to think my stars were crossed. Could my mates truly be the key to my unlocking?

This is a fast burn standalone reverse harem shifter romance. Readers 18+.