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Her Forbidden Dragon Mate


At night, the Pixies dance through the wavering limbs of the Island's trees, celebrating a new night, and a bright future. But the future I have seen is getting darker by the second.

Two of my cousins have already faced the Darkness, barely escaping with their lives. My hope is that the Great One continues to hide, leaving me at peace to care for my family's heritage. The island is all I've ever truly loved.

But love can be complicated…

With the arrival of my guest, my mind and heart seem so confused. Yet, the reality of my Fated Mate has unexpectedly taken form. He's smart, kind, strong, and a Dragon Shifter just like me. But there are secrets, secrets I refuse to face.

Until the Dark One comes calling.

The future of the Shifters is becoming bleaker and bleaker with every passing day. My dreams are haunting but telling, and I can't let the dark magic steal what I have finally found. I just can't figure out why they want Axel in the first place. It doesn't matter though, I have to save him and the whole of the Shifters.

I'm ready…or so I thought.

Steamy shifter scenes inside! Readers 18+.