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Her Rancher Wolf

A job opportunity she couldn’t refuse.
A human his wolf couldn’t ignore.

The Ward Ranch has been in my family for generations,
And now’s my chance to prove I can run it on my own.
But when it comes time to hire a new ranch hand,
I never thought this sassy cowgirl would spell so much trouble.
Willa can wrangle cattle with the best of them.
But she also managed to wrangle my inner wolf.
Having a human around the ranch is bad news.
As is getting involved with the help.
But those are risks I’m willing to take,
Because Willa is mine.

Colton Ward has the reputation of running a dream ranch,
And also being a royal prick.
I’ll deal with that for the chance to start over and leave my dark past behind.
I headed to Sheridan for an interview, expecting the worst.
But what I didn’t expect?
Sleeping with my new boss on the very first day.
His deep blue eyes and rock-hard body were impossible to resist
But I know I was playing with fire.
I’ll just pretend it never happened and everything will be fine.
Or so I thought.
When I discover the dangerous secrets of the Ward Ranch,
The least of my worries is our little roll in the hay.

Steamy shifter love scenes and an HEA inside! No cheating or cliffhanger in this standalone romance. Readers 18+.