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Her Sky Mates

I went from soaring in planes to soaring right into huge responsibilities. With the death of my mother, Queen Omera, my time had come. Ready or not, I had to face the wind with my feathers at my back and my Griffin beak held high.

With my sister Althea in the thick of it, and my two other sisters off searching for the three mates that would bind their magic forever, I was clueless as where to even start. Waiting for a sign began to feel pointless…until an ill-fated fall from my weekly bungie adventures brought more than just exhilaration.

My mind was focused on the danger ahead, those Dark Shifters threatening the very existence of our species, but magic and fate hid gifts around each corner. Alo, Frodi, and Arsenio weren’t expected but they became my mind, body, and soul.

But just because I’ve got my new family at my back, doesn’t mean I’ll win the fiery battle ahead. From beyond the grave evil stirs and its sights are set on the stone that calls to me in my dreams. As I climb the icy slopes to freedom for all, I can’t help but wonder if I’ll take them all with me into the frigid grounds below. Fate plays no part in the battle for the Shifters.

This is a fast burn standalone reverse harem shifter romance. Readers 18+.