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Holden’s Mate

They were drawn to one another by an attraction that neither could comprehend. Nor resist.

Holden has come to Earth as one of the last of his kind. Dedicated to raising one of the dragon babies left behind by his slain queen, he must acclimate to this strange new planet in order to succeed. Humans prove to be odd creatures, but one blue-eyed beauty compels him in ways he’s never experienced. Their paths cross often, and he can barely keep his inner dragon in check when she’s nearby. The fierce need to protect her completely takes over, and he knows he must have her.

After a year of separation, Leah’s divorce from her cheating ex is final. She’s relieved, but finds the stress of everything has compromised her psychic abilities, which she relies on to keep a roof over her head. She knows she just needs time, and pushing forward with her new life as a single woman sounds like the perfect solution. But when she keeps running into the same mysterious, gorgeous stranger, Leah’s plan to write off men proves to be harder than she thought.

With her reluctance to start a new relationship and Holden’s secret, will these two find a way to be together as fate intends them to be?

Steamy shifter scenes inside! Readers 18+.