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Shifters Between Worlds: The Complete Series Collection

Book Cover: Shifters Between Worlds: The Complete Series Collection
Part of the Shifters Between Worlds series:

Shifters Between Worlds, the anticipated follow-up to Meg Ripley’s bestselling Daddy Dragon Guardians series, is now available as a complete collection!

The last of us royal dragons were rescued as babies,
Brought to Planet Earth before succumbing to the War of Storms.
Twenty years later, we’re ready to claim our mates—
Even if we must cross into dangerous realms to find them.

Read the Shifters Between Worlds series in one compilation, packed with dragon shifters, fiery romance, and supernatural adventures, featuring:

Dragon’s Royal Guard
A portal ripped open, thrusting me into a strange new world—and then I met her.
I must return to my guard post at once,
But she ignites a fire in me strong enough to threaten the sacred vow I've made to protect the Crown.
Now, I must choose between honoring my kingdom and my inner dragon’s fated destiny.
But my dragon always gets what it wants.

Royal Dragon’s Protector
Nora’s been able to hide her lineage from the humans here on Earth,
But I know the secret she holds close to her heart.
She’s a dragon princess from my homeland.
And keeping her safe is my utmost duty—whether she likes it or not.

Royal Dragon Daddy
I never expected to be a single dad to adorable little Phoenix,
Nor did I think I’d ever find a mate willing to raise another woman’s baby—
Until I met Aurora, a fae from another realm.

Royal Dragon’s Witch
The powerful attraction I feel to this mysterious beauty has my dragon reeling to claim her.
But she’s a witch, determined to decimate every last dragon in the universe.
Fate can be cruel, but does it have something greater planned for us star-crossed lovers?

WARNING! Steamy shifter scenes inside! Shifters Between Worlds is the continuation of the Daddy Dragon Guardians series, all part of the Dragons of Charok universe. Readers 18+ only.