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Wolf’s Midlife Baby

Falling for a wolf on a business trip was the last thing I expected—
Other than getting pregnant at 43.

I flew to Eugene for a dreaded team-building event,
Kicking off with a tubing trip down the Willamette.
Wearing a swimsuit in front of my coworkers was bad enough,
But it turned into a disaster when I nearly drowned.
A hunky firefighter dove in and saved me,
But I didn’t need mouth-to-mouth to know Pierce was my mate.
He asked to show me around town,
Taking me to a shifter rock club run by his wolf pack—
Before showing me his bed later that night.
I’m only in town for a week,
And as a she-bear from Massachusetts and a wolf from Oregon,
We couldn’t be further apart.
It’s a complicated mess, but it doesn’t end there.
Turns out someone from work caught on to our shifter secret
And he’ll stop at nothing to make us the story of the century.
Pierce and his pack step in to help me,
But Pierce doesn’t know I’ve got a secret of my own—
His baby growing in my belly.

Steamy shifter love scenes and an HEA inside! No cheating or cliffhanger in this standalone romance. Readers 18+.