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Xander’s Mate

Along with his fellow dragon shifters that have come to Earth from Charok, Xander is looking for a mate to help him raise his charge: a baby dragon princess who was rescued after the killing of her mother, their queen. But it can’t be just any woman. When dragons find their perfect mates, their bodies react so fiercely, they can’t deny it.

Xander knows Summer is most definitely that woman. His inner dragon claws at his will when he’s around her, threatening to tear it to shreds. His urge to be with her is uncontrollable, but the harder he tries to be with her, the more Summer pulls away.

Summer is a free spirit--and a witch. She’s happy with her life, running a new age shop with her twin sister, and finds using her powers to help others to be quite fulfilling.

But when she meets Xander, her world is suddenly turned upside down. He claims they’re meant to be together; destined for each other, even. He can feel it in his bones. But they’re such different people, she can’t fathom how it could ever work.

If two souls are truly destined to be together, can they overcome their differences enough to realize a love that knows no bounds?

Steamy shifter scenes inside! Readers 18+.